About Us

22 years Gloman - Reliable internet & live streaming infrastructure solutions

With our many years of experience in the field of new technologies since 1999, we have know-how and fully trained staff.

Our action is placed from the time when the internet and internet forms of technology were unknown to many in Greece.

We are a Greek company that can compete in quality, service and price with the giants abroad, because we have the knowledge and the required economies of scale in our infrastructure.


Our Purpose

Our goal is to offer new and existing companies the opportunity to focus on their business goal, without having to worry about technical difficulties. We fully undertake the technical issues, for their smooth operation. With an absolute guarantee of performance and reliability, Gloman can take over all your technical infrastructure on the internet, leaving your team free to deal only with the issues of substance that make it unique.

Our Obligations

Technological strategy design with flexibility to respond to technological developments. Providing reliable cutting-edge equipment. Preemptive consulting support for upcoming technological changes. Smooth process of integrating technological changes in the platforms without affecting the daily operation. Continuous provision of dedicated technical support.

Our commitment

We are committed to our customers for a full understanding of their business needs and we offer excellent and comprehensive services and cutting-edge technologies at all times. Our business culture stems from the need of our customers for personalized support in each case, which is why we guarantee our care for all information technology technologies that are appropriate for each business.

Our guarantees

IT infrastructure is one of the key tools of companies today, required for their superiority over the competition. Working with Gloman, you will have the assurance that the technological systems and infrastructures that will support your presence on the Internet, will be functionally flawless and efficient in time and technological developments. Our strong point is our specialized team, able to fully understand your needs and offer solutions that add value to your services and functions. Proof, our fully satisfied customers!